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Reviewed Aug 2018
This place is absolutely great in every aspect from the venue, to the staff to the beers themselves.

It’s not often you can sit at the bar and have your beers directly poured from the tank in which they were brewed.

We went early in the afternoon and found ourselves needing a bit of a thirst quencher and we were not disappointed. We sat at the bar and had a good chat with the owner/brewmaster who had all the time in the world for us, explained the brewing processes and gave out tasters.

The beer itself was absolutely top notch, can’t talk highly enough about the IPA it was absolute bang on and just what we needed.

Highly recommended!

Sam R August 9, 2018

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I really enjoyed visiting this Brewpub. A great discovery during my meandering around the Chaweng and Bophut area. The beers are superb. It makes drinking Chang, Singha and Leo not as enticing anymore! Service was very attentive by the Thai lady. The pub seems to enjoy a great reputation and I look forward to going back. I would classify it as a "hidden gem of a place". Just one observation: I went alone there and felt quite lonely. That's often how it can be when one travels solo. The publican/brewmaster was there chatting with the other guys who sounded like regulars. Nobody paid me any attention whatsoever - and they didn't need to. They were having their own male fun. I was this stranger from "out of town" and would really have loved a bit of a chat or some inclusion. It taught me a bit of a lesson. When I next see a person drinking alone at a nice venue I will extend the hand of friendship. Whether they want to engage would be up to them. But sitting alone in a lovely venue somehow accentuates the aloneness. No problem, the beer was wonderful. Thank you

saswcpr Saint Julian's, Malta July 30, 2018

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As avid devotees of the Thai craft beer scene it is a delight to find such a lovely spot. Lovely brewer, great beers and great chat. Get in there and put some money in their till...you'll be rewarded well! Right now Samui is not as busy as it could be so they need every bit of support. Luckily it is a superb cause. Do your bit to ensure craft beer flourishes in Thailand....it really won't hurt as Jim's beers are all world class quality and there is something for everybody.

thebigtripout Bangkok, Thailand July 21, 2018

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