“Excellent beer and friendly staff!”

17 Dec 2015 Tasty and easy to drink unlike those canned beer which make you feel bloated easily. A great place to chill out! A place cannot be missed if you like to drink beer!

kuroyap Singapore February 20, 2016

“Best beer on Samui”

Reviewed May 17, 2015 The worst thing about leaving the UK is not being able to have proper bitter to drink. As real ale lovers after a couple of local beers you feel fit to pop. Not any longer!!! We first discovered the Bee's Knees in January this year and decided we needed to go

karjbay UK June 9, 2015

“Perfect micro brewery”

Reviewed June 4, 2015 Great beers. Being a big Beer lover it was a refreshing discovery. Their ales are very tasty going from the bitter ones wich I prefer to the more softer ones wich my wife preferes.A go to if you want to discover some new tastes.

ArmenioLeon June 9, 2015

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