“Great craft beer on the island.”

Reviewed July 22, 2015 Found this place by accident while missioning around the island. Took shelter from a huge rainstorm and thankfully got to try 3 of the 4 brews on offer. Good to have real beer away from the local bottled stuff. The bitter bee was my favorite but the black bee was really

Garth90 August 5, 2015

“Brew the right way”

Reviewed 10th November 2015 Was great to meet James the owner on my visit. Beers were absolutely amazing!!! Thanks for the hospitality and beer knowledge. Must come here to visit! clean and great atmosphere. See you soon Jim

Pablopan November 17, 2015

“Real Beer in Samui!”

Reviewed May 8, 2015 Been here for 6 months and finally found some great beer! No more Leo and Singah. Really great beer, relaxing music, the works! Stop by, you won't regret it!!!

Aaron K Clemson South Carolina June 9, 2015

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