“Wonderful Beer”

Reviewed August 3, 2015 I have been meaning to get here and have a beer for 3 days. Finally had a chance and must say it is a proper ale. I had a Black and Tan that was superb. Will be back to sample more. Due to having to drive I needed to limit myself

Bill W August 5, 2015

“Great beer in a nice environment”

Reviewed May 7, 2015 The beer was great. I'd been on the island for about a month and was really missing a proper pint. The Bee's Knees delivered. My favourite was the wheaty bee but the others were very nice too. I really liked the environment, there were lots of fans running so it was

Alex S June 9, 2015

Great beer

Reviewed 23 May 201 Wonderful beer. The owner is a Brit who is lovely to talk to, and says he's constantly tweaking his beer very slightly to try to end up at perfection.

Dave H May 23, 2017

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